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They’ve come a long way from the Big Bertha models of the past. But without spending a lot of time on the practice tee, the key is to make sure you are putting the best driver for beginners in your bag to start with. The second type of driver dangling out of the bag of a beginner is that club missing its lost head cover and with enough dings and scuffs to look like it had been sparring for 18 holes with Conor McGregor.

  • One will help you make sure you are not releasing the club too early and the other will help your swing plane to make sure you aren’t too inside out.
  • Look down at your left hand; you should see only two knuckles.
  • To fix this issue, grip the club properly with the "V" on your right hand, created by your index finger and thumb, pointing to the inside of your right shoulder.
  • A swing that is too long can allow for the club face to open up.

This happens when a high handicapper insists on using the driver, despite their clear inability to use it. Hole after hole, the frustration builds until finally the driver is hurled towards the ladies’ tee box.

This cloud is about 40% less than most new 2020 drivers from big brands. For 2020, TaylorMade unveiled the Sim Max drivers which are the latest offering from Taylormade. For this article, we’ll focus on the one best for high handicappers, the Sim MAX.

The F-Max straight neck features a head that is weighted in your favor. If you have trouble turning the club over, having the weight concentrated low and towards the heel will reduce your slice and improve your ball flight. This promotes fast ball speed, and the significantly lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI. Callaway just keeps creating great drivers and woods thanks to their new legendary AI technology.

All of these factors, including clubhead size, material used, CG and MOI all add up to factors that can make a club forgiving . The more forgiving a club is, the more distance and accuracy you will get out of your drives. For example, a shift of the CG of a driver forward can lead to lower loft and less spin.

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A lot of big-ticket, high end drivers are usually built for players with more advanced skills and aren’t made for beginners. You certainly can use one of the newest models but you will be paying top dollar for bells and whistles that you most likely are not ready to take advantage of . Another top pick for high handicappers is the latest from Wilson. Rounding out the list of best drivers for 2020 is the Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver. While the Callaway and TaylorMade editions might have more features, they’re also quite a bit more expensive as well.

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But moving the CG back will result in higher loft and more spin. In a driver Netgear Genie, the CG is that point of the clubhead where the weight is balanced. Golf club makers are finding ways to adjust this CG, by design and moveable weights, and it can make a difference in how your drives perform. As a beginning golfer, you are likely to have more off-of-center tee shots each round than you will have smashes off the sweet spot. For that reason, forgiveness should be your top priority when beginners are choosing a driver.

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