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A Step-By-Step Guide to Restore Not New Hard Drive Performance After System Upgrades

Combine that with disabling access by other users to changing those settings, and you’ll ensure your computer lasts for a long time. A dialog box for User Account Control will open up. However, based on your user account control settings, you may not need this step. If you’re running Windows Home, and you’re not comfortable making changes to the registry yourself, you can download our ready-made registry hack . We’ve included one REG file for disabling access to the Settings app and Control Panel and another REG file for enabling access again.

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How to change the registered owner and organization info on windows

If you’re using Windows 10 Home, you will need to make a change to the registry to disable Cortana. The change we’re going to show how to make is a simple one, but if you’re not comfortable manually changing the registry, you can use our registry file discussed in the next section. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice and European users agree to the data transfer policy. You’ll get a pop-up window entitled “Restore system files and settings.” Click on Next. Getting rid of these Start menu entries is simple enough, but the Microsoft Consumer Experience feature which is used to push the apps could be used to add links to more third party apps in future.

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Although you can use it to change numerous settings on your computer , it’s never wise to edit this database unless you know exactly what you’re doing, because a tiny mistake can result in many problems. A warning dialog box displays warning you about making changes to the registry. We tested our .reg files and they work just fine.

  • CAA provides members access to a complete library of over 180 California-specific forms that are recognized and recommended by the California State Bar and many regional courts.
  • Click above or below the slider, or drag it, to set UAC to the level you want, and then click OK.
  • By addressing your needs and protecting your assets, you will walk away feeling lighter, knowing those that matter most to you – your family – are being taken care of.
  • In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to change the registered owner and organization information on your PC using the Registry.
  • Unfortunately, Windows has no user interface to change them, but here is a workaround.

Once you complete the steps, anyone who signs in to the computer won’t be able to use the Registry editor. If you don’t want others to change settings on your Windows 10 device, it’s possible to prevent users from opening and editing the Registry in at least two different ways. While most tech-savvy users are aware of the risks of using the Registry, it might not be so obvious for non-technical users. For example, you could be sharing your device with other users. If they’re looking to change certain settings, the instructions they’ll find could involve editing the Registry, which may result in errors and other issues on your PC. On Windows 10, the Registry is a critical database that stores low-level settings that are essential for the OS and many applications.

Here’s what you need to do to disable the Microsoft Consumer Experience and regain control of your computer. Microsoft’s use of the Start menu to promote ‘recommended apps’ is nothing new, but recent builds of the operating system take things a step further. Install Windows 10 on a new computer, or create a new user account, and you’ll find that a number of extra apps — including Candy Crush Soda Saga, Flipboard, and Twitter — appear in the Start menu. The thing I find really annoying is that Microsoft didn’t provide a setting to disable it, instead requiring 3rd party software or registry editing to stop the behaviour.

To regain access to Registry Editor, you have to open Group Policy Editor again, and change the policy to Disabled or Not Configured. However, if you’re a network administrator for an organization, or you share your PC with other people, you know that letting non-technical users access settings will often result in misconfigurations.

If you keep access to these pages available, it becomes easier for users to uninstall programs, mess with system settings, and potentially cause issues for other users that will access that computer at a later point. This method will prevent all users from accessing Registry Editor, including yourself.

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In Windows 10, the Settings app, along with the Control Panel, lets you change a wide range of settings to customize your experience, and change system, network, account, and privacy settings. While you can use these instructions to prevent users from accessing the Registry if you’re the tech support person for family and friends, you should also consider applying these changes to their computers to minimize the help they’ll need if they mess with the Registry. Using the Local Group Policy editor, you only need to enable the option missing rgss202j.dll on one account to apply the changes to all users.

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