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10% of profit is Donated to COVID-19 Relief Fund.
Anti Covid-19 Supply
Face mask ,Gloves, Isolation Gowns


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Wish Hand Sanitizer 3.38FL oz Vitamin E 1 unit 24 pieces

Sale $114 off

only $126.00

Help Us Save America

COVID-19 is a public health threat that we have not seen in over 100 years. Our local hospitals need our help and resources now more than ever.
Hospital workers and caregivers are risking their own lives to help save the lives of us. but like many hospitals and health care centers in the country, the supply of personal protective equipment and cleaning solutions are in high demand and low supply.
NYmasksupply will ship and donate orders directly to the hospital of your choice on behalf of your name.
NYmasksupply is constantly donating; Spread your love and purchase to donate to others in need as well. Together we fight, together we stand.

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